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About Maintech Diesel Injection Ltd.

After the purchase of Trevor Potter Diesel Repair and TBF Thompson’s Fuel Injection Test Benches Maintech Diesel Ltd is now in a position to offer a combination of state of the art technology and vastly experienced staff to overhaul and test all types of fuel injections equipment, from vintage to common rail. Along with our specialist tool and training and the use of genuine parts were possible we can ensure your diesel engine will perform to the very best of its caability.


Common Rail Injector Testing & Repair

Your are aware that the repair of common Rail Injector is reseved for specialised workshop with with the correct enquipment and technical know-how.with the demand for this specialised services ever increasing , Maintech Diesel Injection Services has invested in cutting-edge technology to repair common Rail Injectors.Our fully trained and experienced Diesel Injection Specialistes are now offering full test and rapair services for most types of common Rail Injectors including:

Fuel Manager ....OEM Fuel Filters

Today, Over 100 OEMs Specify Fuel Manager fuel fiiter/water separator systems for their engines and/or equipment. In addition, hundreads of other manufactures, who use diesel engines made by John Deere, Caterpillar, Perkin’s, Sisu, Case, New Holland, Ford, and other are benefiting from the superior performance, fiexibility ease of use and competitive cost of Clarcor Fuel Manager systems.

Fuel Manager is a unique, Patented.modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system that can be customized for virtually any application. Fuel Manager is designed for use in truck, automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial and agricultural diesels.The completely modular system has interchangeable components that can be added or removed easily and independently.

All Fuel Manager units remove both particulates and water, and can be adapted for a variety of applications. Optional modular feature can be added by the manufacturer, dealer, and in most cases the user. These optional modules include see through water collection bowl; 12V or 24 V electronic water-in fuel sensor; 12V or 24V electronic heater; diverter heater, which uses return fuel to prevent waxing; hand priming pump; electric lift or transfer pumps; autommatic air purging; filter change indicators,etc Filter elements for the fuel Manager Series are available in five different micron ratings:

A. 2 micron final filter/water separator
B. 5 micron final filter/water separator
C. 10 micron final pre filter/water separator
D. 30 micron final pre filter/water separator
E. 150 micron final coalescing filter/water separator